The Edge of Chaos Blog Symposium

Beginning November 5th 2020

Throughout the month of November a group of economists, writers, artists, and activists will be blogging here about social change and complexity theory.

What the Pandemic Shows Us About the Economy

By Nancy Jane Moore             Every day I eventually read the pandemic news. It always makes me angry and sometimes scares me, but I have to read it. I have to know what’s going on.              Checking that news on the last day in November, I saw this (from an LA Times report) in the Cal Matters newsletter: “Los…

A Response to Othering the Other

by Dr. Clare Hintz Thank you for your thoughtful questions and honest comments that my essay sparked… such a delight to engage in this slow discourse that gives us time to complicate and complexify! You conclude, “Too many times, no one is punching up and no one is punching down—we’re just punching each other on…

Othering the Other

by Debbie Notkin This entry is written as a response to “Complexity in an Age of Uncertainty”. I know I’m not the only person who is deeply upset by the consistency of the voting maps in this month’s election. In every state, we see blue cities and red rural areas. Of the 375 counties with the…

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