What is the Edge of Chaos?

That point between steady states where one thing becomes another.

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Complexity Science

If we look at economics and social science as complex adaptive systems rather than as mechanical systems, we get a totally different outlook on how change happens.

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  • emergent properties
  • feedback loops
  • self-organization
  • adaptation
  • path dependency
  • tipping points
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Wicked Problems

Social problems seem insurmountable when looked at in a top down fashion, but they can and are being solved organically by those most impacted.

The edge of chaos is where new ideas and innovative genotypes are forever nibbling away at the edges of the status quo, and where even the most entrenched old guard will eventually be overthrown. 

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Why This Time is Different-a framework for understanding change

The Edge of Chaos Symposium

Throughout the month of November a group of economists, writers, artists, and activists will be blogging here about social change and complexity theory.