Beth Plutchak

Beth Plutchak is a visionary thinker who has been planning for the post capitalist future since the early 1970s. Her background includes education in economics and social justice theory. She has appeared on panels on complex adaptive systems and social justice. Her work has been published by Aqueduct Press and on Medium and Substack.

Nancy Jane Moore

Nancy Jane Moore got involved with the co-op movement in the early 1970s and remains involved in alternative organizations. A graduate of the University of Texas and its law school, she practiced law with a focus on co-ops and then worked as a legal journalist. She holds a fourth-degree black belt in Aikido and teaches and speaks on empowerment self defense. Her second novel, For the Good of the Realm, is forthcoming in 2021 from Aqueduct Press. A native Texan who lived for many years in Washington, DC, she now lives in Oakland, California, with her sweetheart and two cats.

Dr. Clare Hintz

Dr. Hintz is the editor in chief of the Journal of Sustainability Education. Clare has a Ph.D. in Sustainability Education with a focus on Regenerative Agriculture. She has been farming full time for the last decade and teaching sustainable agriculture and permaculture since 1998.  Her research focuses on arts-informed inquiry, regenerative agriculture, place, and ecofeminism. Her farm is a perennial polyculture that supplies winter and summer CSAs near the south shore of Lake Superior.  You can see more of her work at

Debbie Notkin

Debbie Notkin is an economic justice advocate, who believes passionately that economic reform is a cornerstone of racial justice and social progress. She is currently the president of the board of directors of Friends of the Public Bank East Bay ( and active in Strike Debt Bay Area. She was a member of the now-defunct Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group. Between 1972 and 2011, most of her social activism was concentrated on body image and gender issues. Working with Strike Debt Bay Area, in 2019 she co-organized a fundraising campaign based on the Rolling Jubilee, which resulted in the forgiveness of $1.5 million in medical debt for Bay Area residents.

Steven Schwartz

Steven Schwartz is a systems engineer dealing with highly-complex computer systems, as well as a lifelong student of organizational structures and complexities, a designer of games (in which unexpected consequences of the interaction of simple components is a feature as well as a bug), and a parent of two. 

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